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Advanced Air Duct Cleaning Methods

04/19/2014 Back To Blog

Advanced Air Duct Cleaning MethodsCleaning an air duct is very time-consuming and will require a lot of effort to accomplish. Despite this, many people choose to perform air duct maintenance themselves. There are different ways to clean a duct. Each of these methods will require different tools to perform cleaning, but all of them are something an experienced individual can do, provided he actually has those tools at his disposal. Air Duct Cleaning Culver City will share two of these advanced duct cleaning methods. Homeowners will do well to learn more about these methods just to gain knowledge about the same and know exactly what is done by technicians in any air duct cleaning company and residential duct cleaning business.

-Air sweep cleaning

One method that ensures a well-cleaned duct is known as air sweep cleaning. This method makes use of a vacuum cleaner and compressed air to remove dirt, dust and other pollutants. The compressed air is used to separate the pollutants from the ducts’ surface, while the vacuum sucks them in while they are airborne. It is a very thorough and effective cleaning method that is sure to get rid of any dust and debris building up in the ducts.

-Mechanical brush cleaning

Mechanical brush cleaning involves using a vacuum cleaner and a rotary brush. The rotary brush is used to loosen the pollutants that are stuck in the ducts’ surface, while the vacuum cleaner finishes the job by sucking them in as they stay airborne. It is a very effective cleaning method than any other technique, but it is equally time-consuming as well.

As previously mentioned, these methods are quite advanced, and should only be performed by those with experience and skill. However, the results they show are great, and will surely result in a clean duct.

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